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Tuesday 8 May 1978

Lynn News and Advertiser


Greg the One Man Band performs at The Eagle, Kings Lynn

FOLK music has returned to Lynn. in the form of a new club, Folk on the First, organised by students. The first meeting attracted a good audience. all in fine spirits.

A variety of performers ranged from unaccompanied singers to electric-guitar players. There was even a French singer.

Folk on the First was held in the back room of the Eagle Hotel. Norfolk Street. The Norfolk College of Arts and Technology students who arranged the show were pleased with the attendance of forty or fifty.

Robin Duhig and Lesley Crudgington compered the show and did much of the work behind the scenes.

Despite having little interest in folk music. Lesley was elected to the Norcat Students' Union as folk secretary, a post that was nearly defunct. She is becoming interested in the music now, and is keen to go on to other things. like getting the club onto a regular basis.

The next meeting will be on June 7: and although exams are coming up, it is hoped to keep the meetings going.

At last Tuesday's meeting, the main guest was Greg Chapman, who hails from 27 Edinburgh Way, Dersingham. He works as a trainee manager at Francis Wain, the Norfolk Street jewellers: but his spare time work is very different.

Playing a remarkable assembly of instruments. he sang well known songs - and refused to stop until the audience sang to each one. He played a twelve-string guitar, had a harmonica and a kazoo attached to it, and kept the beat going with high-hat (cymbals) and an electric bass played by pressing ex-organ pedals with his feet. As if this were not enough. he told Jokes and stories, as well.

A highlight of the evening for many of the audience came at the end. when Greg borrowed an electric guitar and was joined by two other guitarists, a bass player and a harmonica player for an impromptu blues session.


Greg said: "It's nice to see so many here. So often, student folk clubs are badly attended."

Fred Rooke. of Hunstanton. sang some amusing songs. most of which included references to Hunstanton.

He was followed by a duo, Graham and Andy. who sang contempormy songs. many of which they had written themselves.

Graham Nelson. from Downham, played the zither. His partner, Andy English, from Denver, played the guitar. Aged 23 and 22 respectively. they have been together in one form or another since starting a rock band in 1974. They write their songs independently of one another.

One of their challenging statements was: "Reggae music started in Norfolk in Tudor times." A performer who caught the attention of the audience with his singing and guitar playing was Pierre Clerc. from Lyons. He is staying at Methwold Hythe. He sang in French, and showed himself to he an accomplished guitarist.

A three-piece band formed only three days before was another of the acts: Brendan's Home Brewed Ale. It was made up of Robin Duhig (vocals/acoustic guitar), Jeff Borrman (electric guitar) and lan Thirtle
(bass), all Norcat sutdents.

Other acts contributing to a varied programme were Phil and Mark, who sang and played acoustic and electric guitars in a Yes-influenced way: and Martin Norris. who sang unaccompanied.

ANOTHER folk club in the pipeline at Lynn, will concentrate on traditional music, and perhaps folk dancing as well. Organiser Peter Howlett (25) says hopefully that the first meeting will be in July. As yet there is no venue or name.

It is planned that the first meeting will concentrate on Norfolk music. After that Mr Howeltt plans to get in big names from the folk world.

Anybody interested in joining the club's Morris troupe or resident hand, especially if they play melodeon, should contact the secretary, Chris Copsey, at Lynn (637089).