Greg in Sound and Vision

Well, that always was the plan. Friends have "filmed" me at gigs, but they never got round to passing me the product of their labours, so it's been down to me to grab these recordings from the PA at a recent gig.

These performances may not appeal to the serious musician, but they do capture some of the fun I put into a show. Certainly, the audience I had that night, my first gig in three years, really seemed to enjoy it, in spite of me just treating it as a try out for a show which I was to booked to play the following day.

Rising Sun

Everyone knows "The Animals" version of "House of the Rising Sun" but my introduction was subject to a memory lapse. It was not the Les Hobeaux Skiffle Group that inspired this version but the Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group,whose biggest hit was "Freight Train". Chas recorded their version in 1957 under the title "New Orleans". Here I play 12-string guitar, bass pedals and cymbals, What do you call a one man band with added vocalist? The lovely Diana takes the Nancy Whiskey role for the verses in this performance.

Rock Island Line

This is the number that brought the name of Lonnie Donegan to fame. By this point in the show I have already handed out some tambourines and clackers. Now, I attempt to get one of the audience to add appropriate train whistle sound effects and everybody to join in on the chorus - not too effectively - but we had great fun doing it.

Take Your Money

This is a number from Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts' second album, released in the early 1970s. They used to be based in Crawley, West Sussex, my home town in my teenage years and I've played on the same stage as most of the members of the band. This is the first audience participation number I try on an audience. Adding the "boom booms" that "come after my twiddly bit". is not too taxing. Meanwhile I play ukulele, harmonica, bass pedals and cymbals.

It's best to listen to these recordings through decent speakers or head phones. If you only listen though a phone or tablet speaker you'll miss some of those bass notes!